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Cross-Platform Development

If you need custom software that works identically on both Microsoft Windows and Unix/Linux platforms, we have a solution to suit you. We can provide the following consultancy services:

  • Bespoke development of custom software
  • Porting of existing in-house software to a new platform
  • Advice on migration from Windows to Linux
  • Training on the techniques and issues faced by development staff when dealing with multi-platform development

We are experts in using the C and C++ languages with the wxWidgets interface toolkit to provide robust solutions that feature easy-to-use interfaces.

For an example of what we can provide to you, please see the website for our ParentEve product which uses these technologies. The graphic on the left side of this page was made using ParentEve running on both Microsoft Windows and Linux, demonstrating the similarity of the user interface.

If you require advice, consultancy or training on other Unix platforms we have extensive experience with the following platforms:

  • Linux (on multiple hardware architectures)
  • Sun Microsystems' Solaris
  • IBM's AIX
  • Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX

For further information and to dicuss your requirements, please contact us.

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